Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Shi Ghost case: Heart of the problem

After doing some research I found that Ana's heart needs to be given to her to free her from the slavery of Lady Death. Half of LD has. The other half Logan has in his room at the X-mansion.

I made my way there, and pretended to be a cable repair man to get in. Well after I cut their cable. I pass some yelling about saving his native land. I notice Jean, and Emma watching me, like they suspect something is wrong with me I feel them in my head. I transmit thoughts of having a three way with the two. What? If Helena can have little flings I can at least think about them, I don't count the thing with Shiva... that's just weird, even for me.

Jean gave me a look of disgust, Emma gave me her number. I find Wolverine's room rather easily; it's the one with the stench of cigars, cheap whiskey, and old beer, and something I can't really identify.

I search through the disaster zone that is his room, and find pizza that time forgot. But not the heart, when I hear a small growling noise, I dodge two Adamntium claws, and kick the assailant in the gut.

I'm a little surprised to find it was a dark haired girl, about eighteen." bub I don't know what you're doin' here, but ya ain't no cable repairman."

She flails her claws I throw a punch not knowing she was actually suckering me in. She grabs my fist and head butts me in the nose after reeling a bit I'm almost stabbed with metal claw from her feet.

The way she kicked looked familiar, Nightwing. Of course she's his protégé' and likely bed mate, If I know Mister Grayson. I catch her with a couple of jabs. Then a nice Upper cut, while she's stunned a knee to the gut drops her, though I should have expected her to get right back up stupid healing factor.

She catches me with a somersault that knocks me on the floor. “Wait I know ya. Sniff Sniff! Yer the Batboy's friend, the faceless conspiracy nut."

"I prefer the Question." I reply.

She snorts “Isn’t that a girl?"

“She’s my Student, like your Grayson's." I explain the whole heart thing to her, and Laura takes it out of a secret compartment.

“If ya can help Ana then take it."

After reconnecting the cable, then leaving, I have the Phantom Stranger take me to Lady Death's dimension. He lost to me at poker I suppose you can say I have the best poker face.

When I'm teleported there I find this scene.

Nice. They talk about how they will have a three way with Logan, great I walked into the middle of a porn movie; wait according to my research if he does that Shi will be Death’s servant forever.



Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Uh, so you're like a faceless cable repairman or something?

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